Brendan Miller -- 2005

Name: Brendan Miller

Birth Year: 2005

Current Team: 2005 Boys ECNL, 2005 Boys MLS NEXT (dual rostered)

Starting Team: 2005 Boys ECNL

Years with Club: 4

Position: Midfield

What Do You Like About DELCO: The competition at DELCO is great. You are constantly challenged to play at your best. We play a lot of games, too, against great competition, which is awesome!

How Did the DELCO Pathway Prepare You For MLS NEXT? With Boys ECNL, we train three nights a week, and it's high. The coaches push you to always do better and always be at your best. The ECNL teams in our division are also really good, too which pushes you from that perspective. 

 What Advice Would You Give Younger Players: Be proactive. Look for your opportunities. Go to tryouts and to the ID Clinics. And email the coaches if you think you are good enough to play. 




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